Synter Fechaduras - Fechaduras & Acessórios


It’s in home that we spend a big part of our time. Therefore, we dream of constructing a safe and calm refuge for us and our family, a place free of stress and rush.

Choosing for lasting and sustainable constructions and using renewable products contribute to this idea and that is where Synter becomes a part of your life.

We are a company from south of Brazil, from Santa Catarina, with 21 years of history, and, since the beginning we chose to focus on the transformations of stainless steel. A lasting raw material, resistant and ecologically correct.

We open and close your doors with pull-handles, hinges and locks with a long life cycle, guarantee of quality and ease of maintenance.

Products using the best possible way the natural resources and follows strictly the Brazilian standard.

We keep your dreams and try to be always present in various stages of your life. Whether the key of your first home, or the hammock hook from your beach house, or just in the detail of the beautiful door-handle on the door of your building.

Come, and meet our entire line and find the best solution in hardware and locks.